As we watch our predominantly white male leaders, journalists and media commentators fumble with basic competency and human decency at every level of the ongoing sexual harassment scandal that is rocking the country. I thought now would be a good time to examine these ‘men of merit’ and explore exactly how their dead weight came to dominate every facet of our nation.

There is an awfully specific character that dominates the culture of this country.

The character of the painfully average white, middle aged man. A man who, between bouts of sexual misconduct is often describing themselves as a ‘Good Christian.’

They tend to have come from the sheltered world of private boys schools, and enjoy a place at the head of every table seemingly based on the merit of boorish patriarchy alone.

And by God, they are everywhere.

They are the leadership of political parties, they are the aging shock jocks that scream about being cancelled despite never going away, they are the tired relic TV hosts that try to exude a larrikin spirit despite being deeply conservative in every action they take, they are senior journalists who write op-eds to explain a world they stopped learning about decades ago.

They are the men who lament at the fall of a society they never contributed to.

They are the men who hold up western civilisation as the benchmark of progress yet can cite nothing but violence, slavery, and domination as evidence.

They are the men who drown our society in a sea of white mediocrity.

So how did these entirely unimpressive men become so dominant in our society?

The purpose of these men appears to be nothing more than sentinels of the status quo. They are propelled to power to ensure that antiquated colonial patriarchy limps on another day. Their purpose is to smack down with extreme prejudice any discussions about systemic change. They dedicate their days to downplaying heinous acts of sexual misconduct (and straight up sexual assault) allegedly conducted by their colleagues and fellow mediocre white men, while simultaneously throwing huge public tantrums about anything that challenges their puddle-deep world view.

This is why their commentary spends such a disturbing amount of time attacking protestors and twitter, these are places where people speak freely and can publicly challenge the status quo, and they are not having it (free speech is only for raging bigots, after all) and this leaves the commentators frothing at the mouth, for they are powerless to control the narrative, and so it must be silenced. So, in their columns they fight tooth and nail to smear and belittle anything that calls attention to how badly our systems fail everyone outside of white patriarchal society.

And because these men are so invested in maintaining their positions within these clearly unsustainable systems, it is their primary goal to ensure that progress is crushed at every turn. They know that the only reason their position exists is because the current system holds. If the system were to advance or innovate in any way, they know they would be obsolete overnight, so they deride all calls for accountability as ‘cancel culture’ and dismiss those who call for ambition as ‘ungrateful. They weaponise civility to derail meaningful discourse, and demand endless patience for the extremists within their own ideology, no matter how violent they become.

They demand the rest of society be sacrificed so their vanity may endure.

And because of their stubborn toxicity we have lost generations of raw diverse talent, just to save their dull feathers from being ruffled by any kind of forward momentum.

But it isn’t just what we have already lost that matters, it is what we continue to lose as a result of their endurance.

Our society remains anchored to the lies that created all the problems in the first place because we are forbidden from examining our past honestly, that would, after all, result in change. Every colonial country is built on lies and these lies permanently hold open societal wounds that cannot be treated until they are confronted. The mediocre whiteness that upholds our culture, isn’t just holding back progress it is causing us to regress.

As the damage that already existed from centuries of unresolved violent colonialism continues to fester and grow sicker, even as new and emerging crises add further infection.

And all our collective problems, big, serious, desperately need attention problems, remain ignored, drowning eternally in the mediocre white man’s screams of being cancelled. As though that miniscule issue, even if it did exist, was in any way a problem the rest of us should give even the slightest of fucks about.

There is hope, however. Social media has connected diverse people from all over the world with each other, and with that connection came the shattering realisation that our colonial culture was in fact full of shit all along. We were exposed to points of view that our mainstream culture would never tolerate in our national holidays, or in school histories, or current affair shows on television.

And it exposed us to all the utterly amazing people across the globe and the revelations they brought with them.

And now we are wondering, why is our media full of peroxide blonde voices talking vapid nonsense day in and day out? Why are all these amazing diverse voices relegated to social media and not placed at the front and centre of our media where they belong? Why do we have to settle for this painfully myopic whitewashed worldview when we could easily replace it with the excellence multiculturalism affords us?

White mediocrity is fuelled by a combination of entitlement and ignorance, when running without opposition it creates incompetence, and when it is challenged it turns to violence. There is no scenario where white mediocrity improves a situation, it is always a negative modifier, an obstacle everyone else has to work around to get anything done.

White mediocrity by its design does not allow room for introspection or critical self-reflection, the entire aura of white patriarchy is that they are the ‘alpha’ they are not to be questioned or criticised, and this quickly, very quickly, becomes internalised.

So even when the very apparent flaws appear, they are conditioned not just by their group but by themselves, to not question their own judgement. This of course seeps into other areas of their lives, and the mix of no self-reflection combined with an innate belief that they are always right, has created crisis after crisis for a country that is plagued by the incompetence of these men.

The fragile insecurity of mediocre white men is a corpse the rest of society is chained too. Its whines and threats are hollow, sad and tiring, and it is beyond time our society cut the chain.

A new generation of diverse, brilliant minds is ready to take the stage, all that is needed is to sweep the gargoyles of colonial past into the dustpan of history where they belong, now and forever.

Max Black
March 2021

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