For twenty years we watched our media, and our politicians talk about terrorism.

They told us ad nauseum, that Islamic extremism was coming to kill us all and destroy ‘our way of life.’

This was of course, a lie. Anyone with critical thinking skills could see that, and even those who were telling the lies, knew they were lies.

But propaganda, after a certain point, takes on a life of its own, and what was originally used to create short term voting boosts, ended up being carved into our national psyche.

The powers that be, had no fear of Islamic terrorism, that is what made Islam such a useful scapegoat. In Western Democratic countries, Islam had always been a small and mostly powerless political minority. We could blame all of society’s issues on them and drum up enough fear to justify creating a surveillance state, and there were no foreseeable repercussions for this.

But while lying about fake danger, they created a very real danger, that lurked and grew beneath this entirely cynical political exercise. Our government and our media drowned its own people in so much propaganda that they radicalised themselves.

I am certain this wasn’t the original point, it was just a side effect of rallying and justifying the war on terror (which had its own aims, goals and corruptions).

This radicalisation grew slowly at first, but finally it exploded into extremism.

The whole world watched as the Capitol building was assaulted, as the police forces that had knowingly been infiltrated by white supremacist groups for years, opened the gates and let the crowd of MAGA insurrectionists into the halls of Congress. This was the culmination (at time of printing anyway) of all the smaller violent actions and rallies that white supremacist extremists had been building up to for years.

Now, I truly hope, it is all crystal clear.

Two decades of racist propaganda, mixed with a decade of social media conspiracy theories, and the steady escalation of white panic fuelled by media personalities ‘both sides-ing’ and normalising violent white extremism, has created an uncontrollable beast that now crashes through the doors of democracy… and defecates in its hallways.

And the media personalities and politicians that created this beast, have completely lost control of it.

This is the heart of why white supremacy cannot win. It is not a real political movement, it never was. White supremacy has no end goal, it isn’t building anything. It is a confused mess of Nazism and neo-colonialism. It is violent reactionary patriarchy and anti-science conspiracy theories carelessly smashed together like playdough at a childcare center.

It is dozens of different groups with just as many different goals, weaponised against enemies that do not exist. A war they rage furiously in their own minds against the systems that uphold the very values they stand for.

White supremacy has no destination, it is just a perpetual cycle of hate and fear that leads to violence, that then fears repercussions of its violence, which leads to more hate, which brings more fear…

Every grievance and fear white supremacy holds up, is a projection and consequence of its own actions.

And all of this is done, they tell themselves, to save ‘white culture.’

But ‘white culture’ isn’t a real thing.

Dutch culture is a thing, Spanish culture is a thing, Italian culture is a thing, but white culture is not.

Why? Because the thing that separates white culture from every other culture, is white culture doesn’t celebrate anything, it is solely concerned with hating non-white people and perpetuating white supremacy through violent oppression. And it is based entirely on a lie.

Because it is based on a lie, the goals and history it idolises, do not and never have, existed. Consequently, their vision of the future is based on fantasy, this not only makes it literally impossible for them to succeed in their goals, but it makes them more dangerous, for they do not live in reality, their fanaticism is all consuming.

The need for whiteness to uphold itself, the fact its entire identity is tied to the perception of its own inherent supremacy over others, means that any anti-racism work is seen as an existential threat, and the hatred of all others is seen as its salvation, this is why white supremacy cannot fathom the idea of equality, or ever hope to build something worthwhile.

White supremacy is a movement of hate, it has no ability to create peace. Its objectives do not stem further than seeking to annihilate that which it opposes, that is why it is so toxic. To enter this movement is to have your whole being focus on nothing but destruction and enforcing oppression. This is obviously bad for anyone on the receiving end of it, but it is also incredibly unhealthy to the person pushing the oppression.

When your world view sees the communities around you as nothing more than entities to be viciously policed and controlled, then you can never belong to any those communities. And without community there is no point to society at all. That’s why even if white supremacy achieves its batshit goals, those that ‘win the war’ still have no future to look forward to.

White supremacy is also self-destructive. Every great achievement in history was accomplished by teamwork and in many cases, directly because of multiculturalism. But white supremacy isn’t interested in any of that, it is only interested in upholding and immortalising its own mediocrity.

And because of this, we reach the most important reason why white supremacy cannot win.

The rest of the world has no need for white supremacy.

It operates just fine without it, in fact the rest of the world flourishes and progresses specifically because it doesn’t have white supremacy. This is something white supremacists fail to comprehend. Their world view is so myopic and so mired in hateful delusions, racist propaganda, anti-science conspiracy theories and violent patriarchy, that it restricts its own ability to achieve anything of value.

And as the countries chained to violent white supremacy continue to attack and destroy themselves as a result of their own wilful ignorance, the rest of the world will simply walk past the mess and move on.

For there is one immutable reality in life, that white supremacy utterly refuses to confront, and that is that change is inevitable. It literally cannot be stopped. No matter how much white supremacists long to return to a hyper-racist patriarchal slave society, it is simply not possible. That world no longer exists.

No matter how violent they get, no matter how deep their convictions run, what they want will never happen, even if they win every single battle of the war that rages in their minds.

White supremacy will push for fascism as its endgame, violent oppression is the only card it has left to keep its fantasy alive. And even if they achieve it, it cannot last, there is simply not enough substance in their ideology for it to survive the realities of the 21st century.

And when white supremacy finally does fall, our nation will have one hell of a hangover. We will be utterly lost as the lie that upheld our national identity crumbles around us.

How will we ever forgive what happened? And how will be ever begin to rebuild?

I would like to conclude this essay with a short story.

I was reading a book awhile back, written by a US marine officer name Karl Marlantes, who served in the Vietnam war.

He said one day he caught some of his marines cutting the ears off Vietnamese soldiers they had killed. They were laughing and gloating over their grizzly trophies. Marlantes was furious and gave them the first punitive, menial labour punishment he could think of…

He told them to dig graves and bury the bodies.

When he came back later to check on their progress, he found the marines sitting next to the graves, broken down and sobbing. The act of giving those bodies a proper funeral, had rehumanised them, and the marines were overcome with grief and reflection.

I think about that story a lot.

I think our nation needs something similar.

We need to confront who we are, honestly and compassionately, and we need deep, meaningful reflection on the horrors this land endured at the hands of white supremacy.

We need our national version of that funeral.

And a permanent memorial to those killed by colonialism and white supremacy. It needs to be something we all take part in, a new tradition that binds us, so that compassion may finally flow through the veins of this nation.

We need to acknowledge, and we need to heal. We need to bury the empire and the remnants of colonialism, that caused so much harm to so many.

We must bury our past, with grace and sobriety and respect, so that we may have a chance at a better future.

Max Black
January 2021

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