I remember my first eager visit to the Australian War Memorial, and I remember seeing this ‘flying fortress’ for the first time (I was actually looking at an Avro Lancaster) it was the most impressive thing I had ever seen.

And so began my lifelong obsession with war. Folks, I’m going to be honest about something that is strange to admit, but I love war, I have always loved war, I find everything about it fascinating. The human tales, the politics, the technology, the strategy. All of it.

And Because of this fascination I have read more books than I can count on war, I know so much about the second world war in particular, that when I was deciding on a podcast format I came *this* close to just making a 100 hour long world war two podcast. (I still might btw) But here is the twist to my obsession with war, after studying what I love for more than twenty four years I have discovered, that I am a pacifist. And I firmly believe now that war is completely obsolete, and in today’s episode I am going to explain how I came to that conclusion.

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