(Disclaimer: Please folks, today’s video is absolutely not for kids).

Today I review Dying Light. An old favourite and a fun game to re-calibrate the show with.

And re-calibrate we have.

Due to the success of the political comic we did earlier this week…

(which I highly recommend you check out, as it is the best thing I have ever done and it is literally the video before this one)

and the absolutely convoluted prep needed to combine game play-through videos with political and historical commentary. I have decided to split my format into separate videos. That way they all get the love and attention they deserve, and hopefully I can turn out content at a faster rate.

So from now on, the game videos will be about games, political videos will be about politics and history videos- you get the idea.

If you come here for the politics and history stuff, stick around and subscribe, I will have your favourite content ready soon!

In the meantime I invite you to check out the game videos too, but I understand if they aren’t your bag.

SO with all that said, Please enjoy my review of Dying Light



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