So here it is. Episode 1.

Holy shit. It’s a real thing now.

I am Max Black (in case that wasn’t clear from my name being everywhere) and I am embarking on a journey to play and review every single one of the 500+ games in my Steam Library, while getting philosophical about politics and history.

This show is my reckless attempt to smash together the topics I am knowledgeable about into an unholy union of thought provoking content.

Welcome to Max Black Hole.

Episode 1 is my test run, so I decided my first review would be an easy one.

My all time favourite chill game: Poker Night 2.

People use poker (along side boxing) as the most frequent political metaphor for representing diplomatic and strategic balances of power…so it is apt excuse to discuss how poker in this context to… actually f*ck it…

I’m just going to teach you guys how to play Poker well…

…Because, not to toot my own horn, but I’m a pretty bloody decent poker player…

So like Yoda, I will teach you…

…at least that was the plan…

…until I got drunk about half way through the video…

I had A LOT of fun making this video. I hope you have as much enjoy watching 🙂


(please note, sound mixing is not fantastic in this video, I’ll have it resolved by episode 2)


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